The en-suit from heaven

luxurious kick board strobe lights


Professional, expert construction.


This exquisite design was self inspired.


Wood featured bathroom.


Snow white walk-in shower room.

Modern stylish kitchen

Colours and lighting making this one memorable

Walk-in shower

Walk-in shower with frameless folding

LED Shower Head

LED's in the shower head

LED Staircase

New innovative designs

The tradition look

An atmopshere to unwind

Undermount lighting

This design provides a cutting edge finish

Walk in shower

Elegant and space saving

His and Hers Basins

Great incoporation for a larger worktop.

The Traditional Look

Beautifully choriagraphed bathroom.

Modern open plan kitchen

Moden design, state of the art technology

Hand made cupboard

Hand made cupboard build to precision and prestige

Corner walk-in shower

Custom walk-in shower enclosure

Black & White

Modern kitchen fitting

Bathroom Vanity

Limitless designs.

Shower rooms

Spacious en-suite shower room

Rear extension

Open plan rear extension

Ground floor bathroom
shower rooms.

Ground floor shower room.

Open plan kitchen

Garden House
Garden House

Spacious and efficient garden property

Glass roof terrace

Secure innovation in construction